cadr-trpM1, Teacher meeting. 24-27 October 2016, Sicily
cadr-trpC1, Learnig about Natural resources and Environment. Autumn 2016/ Spring 2017 cadr-trpC3, Calculatin our impact: my own ecological footprint. May/ October 2017 cadr-trpC5, What planet surfce is holding the activity of my school?. December 2017/ April 2018
cadr-trpC7, Preparing the future. December 2017/ April 2018
cadr-trpC2, Learning about Natural resources. Ecological Footprint. Lithuania, February 27- March 3, 2017 cadr-trpC4, What are we doing with the planet. Global ecological footprint. Sicily, November 13-17, 2017 cadr-trpC6, How do we use the planet. Ecological footprint of our school. Galicia, April, 2018
cadr-trpC8, Materials for the future. Galicia, April, 2018
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Activity C2
Learning about Natural resources

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Short Students Exchange
Lithuania, February 27 -March 3, 2017

After working at their own Highschool it i s time now to share experiences, to discuss and to reach agreements among the three school teams that have been working in Activity C1.

The activity is organized around three different types of Workshops:

  1. Protocol Workshops.- The students discuss and argue about their findings answering the Protocols of C1 Activity (Who needs nature more, Everything comes from the Earth, Where does food come from?, Transport in our society and Mining in our surrondings).

  2. Natural resources Protocols Workshops.- Workshops driven by the Galician students to present new protocols about the topic What are Natural resources.

  3. Workshops about water.- Workshops driven by each school team around a specific topic related to water:
    • Why is water essential in our life (Lithuanian team)
    • The invisible water in food (Sicilian team)
    • The invisible water in stuff (Galician team)

At the end of each workshop, students produce a document (an outcome) where they summarize their disccusion and the conclusions.

In parallel with the students work, teachers discuss and approve the methodology proposal to calculate the Ecological footprint along the C3 activity presented by Galician teachers.
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