cadr-trpVilkaviskio r. Sudavos Pagrindine mokykla (Lithuania) cadr-trp* School Presentation cadr-trp* School Web page cadr-trp* About Lithuania cadr-trpIstituto Compremsivo Novara di Sicilia (Sicily, Italy) cadr-trp* School presentation cadr-trp* School Web page cadr-trpInstituto de Ensino Secundario Val Miņor (Galicia, Spain) cadr-trp* School presentation cadr-trp* School Web page
cadr-trpM1, Teacher meeting. 24-27 October 2016, Sicily
cadr-trpC1, Learnig about Natural resources and Environment. Autumn 2016/ Spring 2017 cadr-trpC3, Calculating our impact: my own ecological footprint. May/ October 2017 cadr-trpC5, What planet surface is holding the activity of my school?. December 2017/ April 2018
cadr-trpC7, Preparing the future. December 2017/ April 2018
cadr-trpC2, Learning about Natural resources. Ecological Footprint. Lithuania, February 27- March 3, 2017 cadr-trpC4, What are we doing with the planet. Global ecological footprint. Sicily, November 13-17, 2017 cadr-trpC6, How do we use the planet. Ecological footprint of our school. Galicia, April, 2018
cadr-trpC8, Materials for the future. Galicia, April, 2018

Developing a process of innovative teaching and learning that organize together teachers and students in a cooperative frame to prepare free teaching materials and resources. It is about to involve schools and communities in a real case study to go beyond the classroom and change behaviors as citizens.

Cooperative teaching and learning to change behaviors. Ecological footprint at school

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