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a) What are things made of?
Minerals in your house
Rocks and Minerals everyday use
USGS. Minerals in our environment
USGS. Mineral resources. Out of the ground ... into our daily lives
Things made with oil
Things made of synthetic polimers (plastics)
Plastics and Polymers
Wisconsin County Forest Association. Product from trees and wood
What is a list of thing made from coal?

b) Natural resources
Project Britain. British life and culture. Resources

c) Water use
Water Encyclopedia. Uses of water
The USGS Water Science School
treehugger. How many gallons of water does it take to make ....
treehugger. From lettuce to beef, What's the water footprint of your food?
National Geographics. Thirsty Food
The water footprint of food

d) Ecological footprint
GREEN SCHOOLS. Environmental Footprint Calculators. Tools for auditing your school and monitoring progress
UNESCO. Using the Ecological Footprint calculation at school to achieve Education for Sustainable Development
World Wildlife Found. Ecological Footprint
Education for Sustainability. Ecological Footprint