cadr-trpM1, Teacher meeting. 24-27 October 2016, Sicily
cadr-trpC1, Learnig about Natural resources and Environment. Autumn 2016/ Spring 2017 cadr-trpC3, Calculating our impact: my own ecological footprint. May/ October 2017 cadr-trpC5, What planet surfce is holding the activity of my school?. December 2017/ April 2018
cadr-trpC7, Preparing the future. December 2017/ April 2018
cadr-trpC2, Learning about Natural resources. Ecological Footprint. Lithuania, February 27- March 3, 2017 cadr-trpC4, What are we doing with the planet. Global ecological footprint. Sicily, November 13-17, 2017 cadr-trpC6, How do we use the planet. Ecological footprint of our school. Galicia, April, 2018
cadr-trpC8, Materials for the future. Galicia, April, 2018
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cadro brancoActivity C1: Learning about Natural resources & Environment
cadro brancoStudents Brochures

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C1 Teaching & Learning Activity
Autum 2016/ Winter 2017

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Using a single sheet of paper, students had to present in a visual way all the gathered information about natural resources that we use in our daily life, so they had to summarize and choose carefully what information is more relevant. The Brochure was handmade, which led the students to be more creative using their own drawings and figures or they could also use ICT

The capital letters in the begining of all the files mean the school team that have produced the document: GAL (Galicia-Spain), Lit (Lithuania), SCLY (Sicily- Italy)